Fastest Honda in the World. Difference bt. i4, V6, W-Engine, Boxers & Rotary.



In 2018, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ achieved the top speed ever recorded at Nürburgring. But a year prior, something unexpected happened. The world saw a record it never saw before. The title of the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive production car was claimed by the Honda Civic Type R. It achieved a record Nürburgring lap time of 7 minutes 43.8 seconds, a record better than Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Bugatti EB 110 SS.

Its engine? A Honda K-series engine, arguably one of the best engines ever made. The K-series s is legendary because, for its small size, it has high revving characteristics and massive power output. The most amazing thing is: it’s just a 4-cylinder inline engine!

So many Internal combustion engines, what’s the difference? To understand engines, let’s look at engine layouts and number of cylinders. Today’s we’ll look at some of the most common ones, including Inline engines, V-engines, W-engines, flat engines, boxers, and rotaries. Let’s just dive right in.

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Universe Size Comparison

An average unaided human eye can see 2,500 stars on a clear night. Sometimes a particular light in the sky catches your curiosity. What is it? How can you tell if a light is a planet, star, comet, meteor, or satellite? Here’s a quick chart to identify the unidentified objects in the sky.


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How Effective Is Your Mask?

Wearing a face mask or face shield is better than no mask at all. How effective is your mask?

Not all masks are created equal. Some people use scarves or bandanas. Others add changeable filters, like coffee filters. Which mask is best? Here are stats on how effective different masks are. This is what they didn’t tell you.

N95 = 95% filtration rate
Surgical mask = 60-80%
Quilting fabric (2 layers, high thread count) = 70-95%
Vacuum bag = 60-87% filtration but shouldn’t be used since some constrain fiberglass
Furnace filter (2 layers) = 75%
Pillow case (4 layers) = 60%
Pillow case (2 layers) = 22%
Coffee filter (3 layers) = 40-50%
Bandana (2 layers) = 18%

Source: NY Times, April 5, 2020 (research from Missouri University and University of Virginia)

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What’s a SECOND COUSIN ONCE REMOVED? Cousins Explained

So you’re at a family event.  You meet your grandfather’s brother’s son’s son .  What do you call him, in relation to you?  You navigate the family relationships in your mind.  What a maze.

Your grandfather’s brother is your granduncle.  His son is your First Cousin Once Removed.  And his son is your Second Cousin.  What does “once removed” mean?  What’s the difference between first cousin and second cousin?  Who even created this system anyway?

Ok back to your family event.  You don’t have a cousin chart in your back pocket – But don’t worry.  You can still calculate cousin-hood the fast way.  Here’s how:

Most people know who their first cousin is.  It’s the child of your aunt or uncle.  But not many people know what a second or third cousin is.  To understand, think of the generic word “cousin” as a someone who shares a common grandparent.

That’s why he’s your second cousin. Continue reading

How to CHANGE A TIRE | Safe & Easy Way




Disclaimer: The following are general principles. Always refer to your car owner’s manual for specific instruction on locating your jacking point and changing a flat tire. Also, it’s good to regularly check the air pressure in your spare tire whenever you do an oil change because you never know when you’ll get a flat tire. Lastly, make sure to respect the speed limit written on your spare tire because a spare tire isn’t like a standard tire.

What if you blow a tire at a place where even AAA won’t come? Follow these steps to safely and easily change a flat tire.

When you get a flat tire:
* Turn on your hazard lights.
* Pull over and park at a safe place with a level ground.
* Engage your parking brake. (Or if you have manual transmission, leave it on 1st gear.)
* Put a heavy object, like a large rock or brick, in front and behind the wheel diagonally across the flat tire. This will help prevent the car from slipping.

Now we’ll need 3 basic supplies. Most trunks carry a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.
* Feel underneath the car, near the wheel with the flat. Usually there is a jacking point on the flat lip that runs along the side of your car. We’ll need to position the jack at the jacking point.
* Turn the jack clockwise so that it expands upward and touches the bottom frame of your car. But don’t lift the car yet … Because first we need to loosen the lug nuts while the car is still on the ground. We don’t want the car to fall from the jack, which can happen when you use force to unloosen the lug nuts.

* The lug nuts might be visible or concealed behind a hub cab.
* Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts partially. Do not remove them completely. Continue reading