How Effective Is Your Mask?

How Effective Is Your Mask?

Wearing a face mask or face shield is better than no mask at all. How effective is your mask?

Not all masks are created equal. Some people use scarves or bandanas. Others add changeable filters, like coffee filters. Which mask is best? Here are stats on how effective different masks are. This is what they didn’t tell you.

N95 = 95% filtration rate
Surgical mask = 60-80%
Quilting fabric (2 layers, high thread count) = 70-95%
Vacuum bag = 60-87% filtration but shouldn’t be used since some constrain fiberglass
Furnace filter (2 layers) = 75%
Pillow case (4 layers) = 60%
Pillow case (2 layers) = 22%
Coffee filter (3 layers) = 40-50%
Bandana (2 layers) = 18%

Source: NY Times, April 5, 2020 (research from Missouri University and University of Virginia)

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