How to TIE A TIE – Easiest Method in 4 Steps (Mirrored)


But then one day you have a job interview or a special date, or maybe you need to attend a wedding or funeral.  And it dawns on you:  How do you tie a necktie?

There are many ways to tie a tie.  But let’s focus on the most popular & simplest way – so you can get out the door in a jiffy.

This method is called the Four in Hand knot.

First lift up your shirt collar.  Drape the necktie around your collar, with the wide end of the tie on your right, and the narrow end on your left.

The tip of the narrow end should rest slightly above your belly-button.  The wide end should hang slightly lower than the narrow end.  The rest of the steps you’ll be moving only the wide end, while the narrow end stays stationary until the last step.

Ok cross the wide end over and under the narrow one.  
Cross the wide end over the front, one more time.

Then hook the wide end underneath and through the open neck loop.

Lastly, slip the wide end down into the front knot.

Now tighten the tie, by holding the knot with one hand, and pulling down the narrow end with your other hand.

Make sure it’s not too loose – but dont choke yourself either.

There you go! 

The Four in Hand knot is one of the most popular knots because it’s so easy and versatile.  If you only have time to learn one knot, this is the one.

This knot has been around since 1850s.  The term “four in hand” originally described a carriage with 4 horses and a driver.  The story goes that carriage drivers tied their scarves  with the “four in hand” knot.  Eventually the style became popular and remains so even today.  Your grandfather and great grandfather probably tied their ties using this method too.  Maybe even your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins too. If you haven seen my video on Cousin Calculator video, check it out.

Here are some fun facts about neckties.

Believe it or not, there are over 170,000 different ways to tie a tie.

It takes about 100 silk worms to make 1 quality silk tie.  Those poor little worms need to work hard – cuz they have to make 245,000 feet of silk thread just to make one tie.

A person who collects ties is known as a grabtologist.  They should’ve called it a grabatiegist.

You can purchase a bulletproof tie.  In that case, dont go for skinny tie.

15,000 men in the US learn how to tie a tie each day.  So you’re not alone.  There are 14,999 others with you today.

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