I’m Not Going to Mars in 2024 | Here’s Why

You’ll never miss home as much – until you get to Mars.


Earth is prime real estate. Here’s just a few of countless reasons why:

1. LOCATION. Earth lies about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) from the sun. Its distance and position is ideal because it orbits within a limited habitable zone that neither freezes nor burns.

2. ROTATION. Earth’s rotation is perfect. If the rotation were slower, the days would be longer than 24 hours. The dark side of the earth would freeze while the side facing the sun would bake. If the earth rotated faster, our days would be shorter and the rapid spin would cause forceful winds.

3. WATER. Earth is the only planet where water is present in all 3 states: gas, liquid, and solid.

4. ATMOSPHERE. Earth’s atmosphere is multi-functional. It allows us to breathe. It helps shield us from cosmic radiation – yet does not block heat and light, which are essential to life. The atmosphere also helps distribute heat during the day and retain heat at night. It also protects us from space debris, which burn up in the atmosphere.

How wonderful and marvelous our home is. Truly, there is no place like home.

The space shuttle Columbia‘s first mission was in 1981. On its return to Earth, when it touched down, Houston capsule communicator said, “Welcome home, Columbia. Beautiful, beautiful.” Columbia served for 22 years, completing 27 missions. Sadly, in 2003, on its 28th mission, it disintegrated during re-entry, resulting in the deaths of its 7 crew members.

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