How to JUMP START a CAR Easy Way to Remember


Disclaimer: Follow your car owner’s manual and the jumper cable manual for full instructions specific for your car. If either vehicle has an electronic ignition system or is an alternatively fueled vehicle, the use of jumper cables may damage it.

To jumpstart your car, you need a working car. Align the working car to allow the jumper cables to reach from one battery to another. Gently open the hoods of both cars.

Many people get nervous about jumpstarting their car. How and where do you connect the cables, without this happening? Let’s use this illustration to understand the principle.

The important thing is to do these 3 steps in order. Let’s try to memorize it. This is the only thing you need to learn from this video.

Turn off both cars. Put on the parking brakes.

1. Start with the dead battery first. Connect the positive terminals of both batteries via the red cable.
2. Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal on the working battery.
3. Most importantly, do not connect the last black clamp to the dead battery. Instead, connect the last clamp to a nut & bolt on the strut tower of the dead car.

Start the engine of the working car.
Then start up the dead car.
Remove the cables in the reverse order.
Remember, never let the clamps touch each other.

Now close your hood. Drive the revived car for at least 30 minutes to continue charging the battery.

Now off you go!

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