How to do a 3 POINT TURN | Three Point Turn, Broken Uturn, K Turn, Y Turn



EASY WAY to do a 3-POINT TURN [2019]

[Disclaimer 1: Safety is the #1 priority. You can do more than 3 points if needed and if it’s legal and safe. You’re never obligated to do a 3-point turn.]

Have you ever attempted a 3-point turn – but it ended up being more like a 5-point turn? Whether you’re new or experienced, here are 3 easy reference points to help you do 3-point turns much smoother than you might be doing now. Ok, let’s go!

* First, turn on your right-turn signal.
* Slow down and pull as close as possible, parallel with the right curb.

* Align the right curb with the center of your dashboard. This reference point works for average standard cars.
* Turn on your left-turn signal.
* Check all mirrors and blind spot, to make sure no one is in front, behind, or to your side.
* Pull forward while turning your wheel completely to the LEFT. Your car will start doing a U-turn. Continue reading