How can we improve our memory?

How can we remember 3x faster?

Here are some practical tips:

1. Develop Interest. Develop interest in the subject. If you involve your emotions, you can get excited about the subject, and your brain is activated to store the information.

2. Pay Attention. Be interested and take notes. Taking notes help you focus on the topic and you review it later.

3. Understand. If you don’t understand a concept, you won’t remember it. For instance, if you had to memorize all the parts of an engine, you might or might not be able to remember short-term. But if you understand how the parts fit together and the role of each part in the system, then you’re more likely to remember long term.

4. Organize. If you need to remember a list of items, try to categorize the items. For example, say you need to buy multiple items at the store. Categorize the list into dairy, meats, vegetables. Each category should have less than 7 items.

5. Recite or Verbalize. Say aloud what you want to remember. This helps build neural connections.

6. Visualize a Mental Picture. Create a mental picture what you’re trying to remember – the funnier it is, the more memorable it can be. For example, if you need to buy eggs and soap. Try to create a mental picture of a chicken taking a bath.

7. Association. Link what you want to remember – to something you already remember or know. For example, if you want to remember a person’s name, link it to a distinct or unusual feature of his appearance or anything else that will lead to the name. The funnier the association, the easier it’ll be to remember.

8. Count. Let’s say tomorrow you need to take several items to school or work. Make a mental note of the number of items. Later, as you’re leaving, count the items you grabbed, and you’ll know if you left something out.

9. Share It. Share the information you’re trying to remember with someone else. This reinforces your memory. Repetition helps you retain your memory.

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