How to PARALLEL PARK – 3 Easy REFERENCE POINTS First, turn on your right blinker.

Pull up next to the car in front, until both rear bumpers are aligned.
As an easy rule of thumb, you can line up your right side mirror with their left side mirror. Both cars should be about 3 feet apart (or a bit less than 1 meter). Many cars have a small triangular window on the back side door. We’ll use the triangle window that’s on your right side.
POINT 1 – BACK END APPEARS IN THE TRIANGLE Back up in a straight line, until the BACK END of the neighboring car appears in the triangle window on your right. Then turn your wheel to the RIGHT, and you’ll start backing into your spot.

POINT 2 – BUMPER & CURB Continue backing in until the BUMPER of the car behind and the curb appear in your left side mirror. Then STRAIGHTEN OUT your wheel as you continue backing in.
POINT 3 – LEFT TAILLIGHT Continue backing in straight, until your right side mirror is aligned with the neighboring car’s LEFT TAILLIGHT. Then turn the wheel to the LEFT. Continue backing in until you are parallel with the curb. After you’re parallel with the curb, straighten out your wheel. Move a bit forward or backward as needed until you’re in the middle of your spot.
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