Do you know where your child is right now? Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the US. Of all missing children, almost 1,500 are kidnapped. Prevent child abduction.

The first thing is to teach your children these

7 important things:

1. Always take the safest route to and from school

2. Use the Buddy System and never go out alone.

3. Don’t let strangers touch them. Don’t accept money, candy, or anything from strangers.

4. Never accept car rides from strangers. 5. Scream for help if a stranger tries to take them by force.

6. Report any strange incidents to parents or teachers.

7. Call if you need help. (Make sure they know their number, full name, and address)

Foster trust and good communication with your child, so that he is keeps you informed about his whereabouts. Please review this video with your child. Also share this video with others to help protect our children. ——————————–

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Disclaimer: All footages are from stock media. None of the children in the video are related with the video content and their stock media was just used for visual representation.