Bone, Distraction, Shark Skin | LEARN FROM NATURE #2



How strong is the human bone? The research institute mentioned that “bones are constructed in exactly the same way that reinforced concrete is constructed. The steel of reinforced concrete provides the tensile strength, while the cement, sand, and rock provide the compressional strength. However, the compressional strength of bone is greater than that of even the best reinforced concrete.” Robert Richie, a professor of materials science at the University of California at Berkeley (USA), said: ““We only wish we could mimic it.”



Did you know that living in this high-tech world can lead us to memory loss and decreased memory accuracy? The reason for this is that online messaging, calendar reminders, email alerts cause distraction overload. How can this be harmful? Newsweek magazine states, “You risk never focusing exclusively on any thought or perception for long and never being able to work straight through to completion on anything.” Distractions can cause memory loss and decreased memory accuracy.

SHARK SKIN TECHNOLOGY At first glance, sharkskin may appear to be quite smooth. But if you rub a shark’s skin from its tail towards its head, you’ll see it feels like sandpaper!

How can scientists apply the technology they’re leaning from shark skin? The properties of shark skin can have a diverse application. For example, scientists have already managed to create a swimsuit with a top layer similar to shark skin texture. This allows swimmers to increase their speed by 3%. Also researchers are hoping to apply properties of shark skin to reduce frictional resistance in ships and cars.